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Adam McDonald

Head Coach & Male Fat Loss Specialist

Ben Craughwell

Head Coach & Male Fat Loss Specialist

We Pursue Excellence

We want our Personal Training Dublin gym to provide a community whereby dedication, motivation and willingness flows easily from each and every person who walks through our doors. Our ethos was developed around Optimum Performance’s neverending quest for optimisation – in mindset, in physique, in nutrition and in lifestyle. It is our quest to pass this knowledge on to you so that you can be the vessel for change within your family, and one day you won’t need us anymore.

We Aim For Top Health

1 in 4 Irish males are overweight, with Ireland having the highest BMI numbers in Europe – this is why we are the only Personal Training Dublin gym focusing on male fat loss. We find the numbers pretty daunting and have a target to help 10,000 males reach a healthy body fat percentage. We aim to get you in tip top health so that you can run after your little ones for year to come. Your health is genuinely a top priority for Optimum Performance and feel that it should also be one to you.

We Create Lifelong Change

We don’t do quick fixes and never will. All of our methods at our Personal Training Dublin gym have proven over the years to be completely sustainable. No cookie-cutter diets, no fad foods, no excessive training. The whole-life approach we adopt ensures your body – both inside and outside – remains in optimal condition throughout your journey, so that you can maintain your end goal, living a balanced, stress reduced life. 

A Message From The Optimum Team

If you’re a male who is health and fitness conscious, you’ve come to the right place. End of. Being the only male-orientated Personal Training Dublin gym, it’s our one and only goal to ensure you have every single piece of the puzzle available to achieve a well-rounded lifestyle that equates to your target physique becoming reality. 

It is a difficult task to seek out and find the ultimate personal trainer with whom you can achieve all of your goals and desires, we won’t lie; but we’re here to make it a little easier for you.

For the past several years, we have worked in a multitude of gyms in the Stillorgan area, trying to help as many different people as possible, finally settling on becoming the only male Personal Training Dublin gym and opting for a private facility. We have chosen this particular spot for you. Many other gyms are loud and intimidating, with excellent equipment, yes, but lacking wholly in clientele service and the ability to make a newcomer feel welcome and able. We wanted to create an environment that allowed for absolutely any male of any fitness ability to feel accommodated for. And that is why we chose our Private Personal Training Stillorgan facility.

Being the only Personal Training Dublin gym that focuses on male fat loss only, we are doing what no other Dublin personal trainers are doing. We don’t have a conveyer belt of clients like other personal trainers do, with no personalisation and care, and that is simply because we give much more of our time than we take. Instead of piling 10 people into a group session, we choose to keep numbers at a minimum for maximum attention. In that sense, we want to offer you a quality you won’t find in other Personal Training Dublin facilities.

We recognise that you are different from the person standing next to you, have different deadlines and goals, a different body type, a different lifestyle and a different home life. What you need to get you from A to B will most likely be wholly dissimilar to what the next man requires. We want you to feel at home with us in our male Personal Training Dublin community. For beginners and indeed many individuals of all fitness levels, a sense of group mentality, of 24/7 support, of knowing that Optimum Performance is with you every step, can be the difference between a couple of pounds and a couple of stone shed.

Fat loss is simple once the puzzle pieces are in place, and we can indeed provide numerous instances whereby we made it much easier for our clients to get to where they want to be. Countless testimonials adorn this site, and not for no good reason – while searching for your Dublin personal trainer, it is your job to question and critique, to find out if they are up to your own specific standard. We let our clients do the talking. Their outstanding perseverance teamed with the support and knowledge from our team has led them all to lose incredible amounts of fat and completely transform their physiques.

“We want you to feel at home with us in our male Personal Training Dublin community”.The Optimum Team

With Optimum Performance Personal Training Dublin, every member begins their journey with an Initial Consultation and Body Fat Assessment along with the Optimum Target Screening where we discuss and go over your goals and health history. It genuinely does not matter whether you’ve never set foot in a gym or whether you’ve been training for a long time, we accommodate every single fitness level. Every session can be modified towards your abilities, don’t worry.

The Optimum Performance Personal Training Dublin team are incredibly proud of the quality they provide to every member. We intend to get you results and results you will get. Your transformation is a reflection of our quality. We continuously upgrade equipment and pursue extra educational endeavours to ensure we can provide you with the most professional personal training Dublin service.

Yes, of course we provide personal training, but we are far from “personal trainers”. We want to completely optimise your sleep cycles, your gut health and your hormone output – three major components to improving body composition. Training and eating well are only two pieces of a very large puzzle, a puzzle which we seem to be the only Dublin personal trainers placing emphasis on.

And with that, we ask you to spend time perusing our site in order to answer the question of are we right for you. Our articles and videos have been written and produced to ensure you have the most up-to-date and useful information regarding supplements, fat loss, training, sleep, lifestyle optimisation and all things health and fitness – whether you decide to become a member with Optimum Performance Personal Training Dublin or not, utilise the knowledge we share with you in order to improve your life in general. Have a look at our results if you’d like to see how a select few of our member’s have transformed themselves.

If you’d like a little more information, feel free to contact our Personal Assistant, Bonnie, at or 0866601117, or submit an enquiry form. We would love for you to reach out to us and would be delighted to speak with you!

Yours in fitness,

The Optimum Performance Personal Training Dublin Team

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