Having spent the best part of the last decade cultivating his phsyique, learning from the best of the best and putting it into practice, Ben decided to launch Optimum Performance – the only male-specific private facility in Ireland. Ben loves nothing more than watching members transform themselves under his guidance, and takes huge pride in providing the top Personal Training services in Dublin.

I’m a Head Coach who has been training men like you from all over Dublin, and have created Optimum Performance as the perfect antidote to the pitfalls of Dublin life.Ben Craughwell

Ben never played professional sport or coached an athlete to that standard, but has always preferred to focus on how to get the ordinary guy into extraordinary shape using the most simple methods possible. Ben founded Optimum Performance because he feels that most personal trainers or “fitness gurus” don’t get clients results. He wanted to fill that gap and promise real results for real men.


Adam joined Optimum Performance in 2016 having spent a number of years gaining first hand experience in preparing himself for a physique competition. His expertise lies in male fat loss and helping individuals achieve the exact physique they’ve always dreamed of,  with an accumulative loss of 100’s of kilos of fat across the people he has worked with. Adam is a highly driven individual and most definitely a team player, having played a magnitude of sports all throughout his life.

I became a Coach at Optimum Performance simply because I love helping men like myself achieve the physique they think is completely unobtainable. I live for getting men those results and pushing them out of their comfort zones every single day.Adam Mcdonald

Having gotten in to incredible shape while working a 9-5pm office job in Microsoft, Adam is keen to pass on his knowledge to other office workers who are mislead to believe that a certain lifestyle is unattainable. Knowing the problems facing office workers, Adam has helped to create the Group Transformation Program to get men moving, losing fat, getting fitter and generally being healthier.