So you’ve probably come here with an idea of what Online Personal Coaching is, but we’ll dig a little deeper in case you’re not entirely sure.

At Optimum Performance, we don’t do fad diets; we do lifestyle changes. Sustainability is our goal, so that after a certain period of time, you’re more than capable of knowing what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat and how to train towards your goals. But for the time being, that’ll be our job – to illustrate how you can meet and exceed your targets through the brilliant system of Online Personal Coaching.

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    What get’s measured get’s accomplished; simple as. We track your progress extensively every two weeks in-person or online.

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    We teach you the why behind everything – we want you to be capable of making knowledgable choices for the rest of your life.

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    Adjustment & Flexibility

    Your training and nutrition will be adjusted accordingly to avoid boredom, plateaus and discouragement.

And let’s face it – most people reading this will probably overthink it, close the page, tell themselves they can do it alone, and be in the exact same position this time next year – having made zero progress or change. So don’t overthink it. For the price of two coffees a day, Optimum Performance will take charge of your training and eating habits, push you to become the best version of yourself, and hold you accountable.  

Let’s say you DO want to do this – you’re probably asking, what do you get?

You Are Accountable To Someone Who Knows What They Are Talking About.

You’ll Know Exactly What To Eat and How To Train For The Remainder of Your Life.

 It Doesn’t Cost An Arm & A Leg.

We Really Care About Your Results.