Our Tier 2™ program is designed for those who wants that little bit extra – our Fat Loss Fundamentals™ program is fantastic for fat loss, and as a base to begin. Tier 2™ is more advanced, offering one hour long sessions four times per week with our Head Coach, more sophisticated nutrition plans and program tracking. Built for those who are serious about making changes – get lean, build muscle and look fantastic. This program is also available as a graduation package for those who have completed Fat Loss Fundamentals™ and are ready to advance.

This package is specifically tailored for serious body composition changes. We put strategies in place to ensure you see results longterm, and we have spent years formulating specific nutrition protocols for optimal muscle gain and recovery.

Capped at a maximum of three people per session, you will have all of the focus and attention of Private Personal Training, as well as the healthy competition and encouragement which comes alongside training with other likeminded individuals.

You want to attend each session knowing you are stronger, fitter and leaner than the one before.

We know you want to smash through every workout and learn how to keep the great body that you have achieved and we are excited to say that this is now going to happen.

It’s a lifestyle change that truly makes for amazing results and Optimum’s new Tier 2™ method gives you that with:

60 minute sessions 4 x per week

Tailored Nutrition Protocol for muscle gain

Bi-weekly weigh-Ins, progress pictures & body composition tests

24/7 support via The Optimum Crew Facebook group, text or call

Custom workout programming

The camaraderie of being with like minded people 4 times a week for the duration