As the only Dublin Personal Trainer focusing solely on Male Fat Loss, we really place emphasis on results. If you aren’t seeing results, something is wrong. Our members work hard under our guidance and exceed their targets day in, day out. Below are just a select few of our members’ results over the last number of weeks. It’s absolutely amazing what our specific training protocols can do. Please feel free to have a look at our Semi-Private Training page where we discuss how we manage to get people these outstanding results in such short periods of time at our Dublin Personal Trainer facility.

Our trainers work exceptionally hard to help our members get absolutely outstanding results. Because we focus solely on male fat loss, and are the only Dublin Personal Trainer to do so, we can really dedicate ourselves to ensuring members see massive changes in short periods of time.

Dublin Personal Trainer

Supremely knowledgeable staff who break it down to a simple science. No bullshit fad diets, just easy mathematics and energy balance. Dropped over 14lbs in 8 weeks with Adam’s help. It was the first time I was held accountable with my diet, and actually tracked my exercise performance, and I’d 100% recommend to anyone debating whether or not to get in touch with the lads! Cheers!

Dublin Personal Trainer

Between 2006 – 2016, I spent over 2,000 hours on the gym floor, tried countless amounts of programmes, joined heaps of gyms, spent hours running up hills and undertook all sorts of different diets. All of this was geared towards ‘having that amazing beach body’. During that period, this remained an imaginary dream. In August 2016, I decided to make a change. The next 8 months brought me down an unwalked path that concluded with me getting into the shape I had always dreamed of

South Dublin Personal Trainer

A lot has changed for me since joining OP – I was tired constantly, eating terribly, had no energy and felt really down in myself but through the training and tailored nutrition plan I feel great. My weights dropped, I eat well, sleep great and feel so much better in myself. OP are always at the other end of the phone if I have a question or to give me a boost. It’s way more than just exercising a few times a week. It’s a whole lifestyle change. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending these guys for a second.

South Dublin Personal Trainer

I started Online Coaching with OP a few months ago and I am absolutely thrilled with my progress.

There isn’t much else to say apart from the fact that they know what they’re talking about! I’m feeling confident and can’t wait to see what my body looks like after another few months.

South Dublin Personal Trainer

I came to OP because I wanted to see actual results. I was sick of going to my gym everyday and seeing no change.

After just 4 weeks here my body has totally changed and I’m so excited to see where I’ll be in the future. So thankful for what Op have done for me!

South Dublin Personal Trainer

I joined The Optimum Crew 12 weeks ago, and I’ve lost well 6KG.

I couldn’t recommend the lads any more! I’m absolutely delighted with my progress so far but mostly I love the atmosphere at OP, being pushed harder and harder each session. If you want to get into serious shape – leave your gym and get over here.

Dublin Personal Trainer

In my first four weeks, I lost a whopping 11lbs. I’ve been able to get back to playing golf – my absolute passion, which was my biggest goal when I joined the Optimum Team. I also feel so much more energised and well able to run around with my two little boys.  The Optimum Team really know how to change so many areas of your life for the better, which I think is the reason they stand out above everyone else.

I spent years trying loads of different programs, gyms and diets – nothing worked. I’m so glad I decided to join OP – my body has completely transformed. I’ve never been happier.

I would recommend OP to anyone who wants actual serious results.

Dublin Personal Trainer

I started Online Coaching with OP a few months ago. I was already in good shape but I wanted to take things to the next level.

I’m so happy to say that with OP’s guidance, I came first in the IFBB European’s Championship. I’ll be bringing an even bigger and better package at the end of this year with OP’s help. I send everyone I know to these guys – they know their stuff.

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