Our Private Personal Coaching is designed for both men and women of any age who wants to go above and beyond the scope of group training, who is seriously dedicated and wants one-to-one coaching to reach huge goals. Private Personal Coaching is an advanced program, boasting 4 60 minute sessions per week with our Head Coach, goal setting, biweekly progress tracking and custom programming. 

This package can be tailored for fat loss, muscle gain or total body recomposition. We have strategies to employ to ensure you see continual results long term, having spent years formulating specific nutrition and training protocols for optimum muscle gain and recovery.

Private Personal Coaching includes all required supplement advice, which is a sorely overlooked aspect of training.

We want men and women who WANT to look good. Private Personal Coaching is on a request-only basis, so please get in touch if this is something you are considering. We will send you on our Application form to check your eligibility.

60 minute sessions 4 x per week

Advanced Nutrition Protocol for the dedicated man

Bi-weekly weigh-Ins, progress pictures & body composition tests

24/7 support via The Optimum Crew Facebook group, text or call