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Male Fat Loss & Sleep: Explained

By Our #1 Stillorgan Personal Trainer

19th October 2016

Not seeing the fat-loss results from all the hard work you’re putting in to your diet and training? Well then, take a look at your sleep!

First thing’s first though…Before you start rushing for the latest fads and most “scientific” details on how shed those layers of body fat that seem to stick to you for dear life, we’re sure you’ve come across the absolute NEED to have a proper nutrition plan.

The diet plan you might be following could be absolutely fantastic, you could even be doing everything right as prescribed; however, if you’re skating through every day on three cups of coffee and 3 hours of quality sleep, we’re telling you that you are destroying yourself AND your fat loss goals. Perhaps you have discovered:

  • The best times to be eating to maximize the amount of fat burned throughout the day.
  • The best exercises to assist in boosting your metabolism.
  • Top class workouts which have promised to add more muscle definition and shed pounds.

Without disputing that all of these factors will help you lose fat, they only cover how you exercise and what you eat. After that, most people don’t give much thought to anything else. And as the only Stillorgan Personal Trainer focusing solely in male fat loss, we’re hear to tell you that that is a BIG mistake.

For somebody trying to lose fat, a constant lack of sleep is a giant sponge just scrubbing away at all those healthy decisions you are making with your diet and exercise. Achieving consistent fat loss, seeing those abs coming through – it’ll be a constant battle to even get close to that if your sleep isn’t up to par. 

Sleeping is such a huge factor when it comes to fat loss, one which the majority of people just ignore. So what’s the lowdown on sleep and fat loss in males?

#1 Lack Of Sleep Makes You Crave Crap Food

Countless studies carried out by both researchers and our own coaches at our Stillorgan Personal Trainer facility has shown that constant sleep deprivation is responsible for a number of changes in the hormonal balance and metabolism of humans, resulting in a particular increase in your level of desire for food.

Regularly being in a very exhausted state – which most people are in every day – results in your body sensing this tiredness and BAM, you’re now starving and craving every piece of crap in the vending machine.

Research has furthermore illustrated that glucose and insulin sensitivity can decrease due to sleep restriction – two significant factors in the development of diabetes, and are also the two regulators in how full we feel after a meal is eaten. If your sleep is affecting these factors, you could be hungry all the time. Not exactly a great recipe for fat loss, right?

#2 Sleep Will Help You Burn More Calories

You will not just have more energy to take on the next day after a good night’s sleep, but you will also have a much better training session, meaning you will more than likely continue to burn calories even when you are not working out.

A study was carried out between those who sleep enough and those that do not, with the result showing that those who regularly got quality sleep burned 20% more calories after a meal than sleep-deprived people. That’s why as a Stillorgan Personal Trainer we tell all of our members to put the phone away and just get that extra hour – your body will burn significantly more calories throughout the day. It’s such a simple hack.

If you’re absolutely wrecked every single day, you won’t have the attitude nor drive to get up and do your at-home workout, or drive to the gym after work. The energy just won’t be there. Think about this next time you want to stay up that extra hour to watch mindless TV.

#3 Lack of Sleep Eats Your Muscle

Regardless of the goal you set for yourself, having a certain amount of lean tissue (i.e. muscle) on your body is important. This is because the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn. However a lack of sleep can cause muscle loss, decrease protein synthesis (which is your body’s method of producing muscle) and can bring about a higher occurrence of injuries.

Just as significant, lack of sleep makes it tough for your body to recuperate from exercise as a result of slowing down growth hormone production. 

The connection between sleep and fat loss is hard to ignore. A good rule of thumb is to get between 7 and 9 hours of sleep per night, and ensure that one sleep deprived night doesn’t lead to more.

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