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A male looking to make big changes quickly

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Willing & able to follow a custom nutrition protocol

Able to train at our Personal Training Stillorgan private facility 3 x per week





A Message From The Optimum Team

Optimum Performance Personal Training Stillorgan has been built from the ground up for men across Dublin. We don’t care what your current fitness level is. As Personal Trainers in Stillorgan, all we want to do is get you moving, eating properly, consistently losing fat and feeling great. This project is for all the men out there struggling to find the motivation to head to the gym, or getting there and not having a clue where to start. If you want to see some actual progress in the mirror and boost your confidence, then you might want to consider hopping on board with us for the next week. If you want to create effective habits and lifestyle changes and quickly lose fat, then you should seriously consider enrolling.

“When you register for Dominate 28 with Optimum Performance Personal Training Stillorgan, you’re going to pay absolutely nothing for a full week of coaching with one of the top Male Fat Loss Specialists in Ireland.

When you register for a free week of coaching with Optimum Performance Stillorgan, you’re going to pay absolutely nothing. The reason why this is free is simply because we wanted to create a project too good to pass up, where we can teach anyone who wants to start losing fat how to eat well, train hard and optimise every area of their life – this way anyone who wants to make huge changes to their body can come in with nothing stopping them and no excuses.

What Does A Free Week of Coaching Entail?

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    3 Fat Torcher Workout Sessions

    WORTH €200

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    Access To Our Clientele Tracking App

    WORTH €267

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    Before & After Progress Pictures

    WORTH €35

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    24/7 Availability & Accountability


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    BONUS: Access To Private Facebook Group

    WORTH €45

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    BONUS: Final Review By Head Coach

    WORTH €99

Frequently Asked Questions About Optimum Performance Personal Training Stillorgan

This free coaching is a male-specific project which includes training at our facility three times for a whole week completely free. Optimum Performance Personal Training Stillorgan trains men from all walks of life. It is suitable for anyone who wants to lose fat and learn how to eat properly while still enjoying their social life. It is for anyone who is, at present, not happy with their body and wants to actually do something about it! It is for anyone who is not comfortable training alone in a gym and wants an extremely knowledgeable and dedicated Male Fat Loss Expert walking with them the entire way.

The type of training we employ is solely for fat loss while maintaining muscle. When your body fat is lower, your body will be capable of putting on lean tissue with much higher efficiency – it will utilise nutrients from food properly to add muscle, which it cannot do as well when your body fat is higher. As such, we want to reduce your body fat percentage as much as possible in those 28 days. Our training will be of a high intensity in nature, but because the sessions are just 30 minutes long, you will be well able for it and there is no chance of burning out.

All group sessions are 30 minutes max which is plenty for the style of training we employ, so for anyone short on time, this is exactly what you need.

This is entirely specific to the individual, how much fat you have to lose, how well you stick to your Nutrition Protocol, how hard you train, what your activity level is outside of the gym and so on. However, based on experience, men who just DO it, just put in the work for a month while with us, have lost phenomenal amounts of weight. Several clients have hit the stone mark, others have lost 6kg, 5kg, 4kg and 3kg. No one has come to us and seen no change in a month.

If you decide to stay on with us after week one, we will delve deep into nutrition. Don’t worry – this project wasn’t designed for elite level athletes or pro-bodybuilders. It was designed specifically for the everyday male who works long hours, doesn’t have an awful lot of time to spare and enjoys going out for a few pints on a Saturday. We want to show you how you can lose fat without cutting out all enjoyment from your life. You will not be expected to be prepping five Tupperware lunchboxes of food for your work day. Our Nutrition Protocol is specifically designed to make this as easy as possible for you.

This project has been formulated specifically for fat loss. With the training and nutrition protocols we employ, you will shed lbs of fat. It is that simple. We are asking for absolutely zero financial investment for a whole week, so if you see no changes, you walk away with nothing lost. But we KNOW you will see changes. We think that’s a pretty good deal!

Optimum Performance Personal Training Stillorgan is located in Gourmet Fuel – T30 Rowan Avenue, Stillorgan Industrial Estate. And yes, there is ample parking!

Yes! You will have access to our shower facilities with free complimentary towels available so that you can head to work or home clean and fresh.

Nope, because we ask for absolutely no money from you during your free week of training! We want to eradicate any doubt from your mind whatsoever when signing up with us.
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Personal Training Stillorgan
Personal Training Stillorgan

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Personal Training Stillorgan
Personal Training Stillorgan
Personal Training Stillorgan
Personal Training Stillorgan
Personal Training Stillorgan
Personal Training Stillorgan
Personal Training Stillorgan

Optimum Performance Personal Training Stillorgan is located at T30 Rowan Avenue, Stillorgan Industrial Estate, Dublin 18