Dad Bod: The Cure

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I’m sure you’ve noticed – look around your office – that a huge number of guys over 35 years of age have a big gut. It doesn’t really matter if they’re dedicated runners or do a lot of walking, it’s a growing trend and is fairly obvious to see. Look down, do you have the so-called “Dad Bod”? Nothing to be ashamed of – but it’s something we can fix. Most people believe it’s a natural result of ageing…NOT TRUE.

How Does “Dad Bod” Even Happen?

It’s a simple process really…Fresh out of college you probably spent a good deal of time on your appearance – you probably played sport or attended to gym, maybe you went hiking on the weekends or just did a lot of moving around. Once you throw kids into the mix, or a busy career, a house to maintain, a car to run (the list goes on…we know you get it), your body becomes less and less of a priority.

You spend less time cooking healthy meals and more time reaching for the biccies in the cupboard in the evening. Your weekend nights might be filled with beer or crips. It’s just not at the forefront of your mind anymore to care all too much about your health – but it’s a disastrous way of thinking. A huge number of our members come to us overweight, unhappy, with troubles breathing, sleeping and staying active with their families. Add another 10 years of the same habits onto a 40 year old and you’re going to have a run in with either Diabetes, heart problems, high cholesterol and serious issues. But like I said, it CAN change. We see it every single day.

Why The “Dad Bod” Isn’t Natural

So you probably don’t want to hear it because it puts the onus on you to learn otherwise, but the Dad Bod is not a natural ageing process.

You’ve heard of “the dad bod” right? It tends to be that swollen belly look. Men like to claim it’s because of the “natural” loss of muscle and slowing metabolism attributed to getting older – and really it’s just misinformation. In medical terms, it even has a name: age-associated waist circumference increase. Any man who walks into our gym over the age of 35 tends to want to “get back to his prime” but thinks it’s impossible because their gut is a result of some natural ageing process. Nope! Totally not true.

A 12 year study, for example, investigated 51,000 male health professionals and how weight training vs. cardio training affected their waist measurements. In plain old English, the results found that the men who lifted weights in general didn’t develop the big gut we were talking about. The men who just did cardio did a bit better than the couch-potatoes, but no where near as good as the lifters. The lifters also gained more weight, however this was mostly muscle and thus the lifters looked better naked than the cardio guys. Simple as.

Weights Or Cardio To Get Rid Of The Gut?

The same research paper argued that it’s probably best to do weight training and some form of cardio, which is true when you consider the health benefits of both.

EPOC (Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption) from weight training partly explains why this is the case. EPOC is the phenomenon whereby you continue to have a higher energy expenditure at rest for up to 48 hours after lifting weights. Cardio may burn more calories while you’re actually doing it compared to most types of weight training, but a lifting workout KEEPS burning calories.

So what can you take away from this? Well, quite simply, if you’re trying to avoid or get rid of a fat gut, lifting weights trumps cardio. We’ve found this surprises so many men, who think that going for a jog would be much more effective at ridding him of his belly than squatting.

This is why the training we employ with all of our male members hits both sides of the coin – weight lifting in an intense and fast atmosphere with cardiovascular training added in. This ensures our members get the results we guarantee, while also improving their cardiovascular health. Win-win.

If you’re sitting there realising that you have a Dad Bod or you feel unhealthy, tired and sluggish, you’re not alone.

Almost all of our members come to us with the same problems, and quickly learn that there are ways out. The old age excuse of “I’ve no time!” doesn’t apply here – we utilise 30 minute sessions three days a week. Even the busiest of people can make this work. And we know you can. All you have to do is fill out the form below and we will gift you a completely free Personal Training session in our Private Male Fitness Facility.

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