How To Build Muscle Naturally

When it comes to the question of “how do I build muscle naturally?”, you’re going to have to tick off every box. By this, I mean you’ll have to get your sleep, stress management, food quantity,food quality, hydration, supplementation and nutrient timing on point. By leaving out any of the necessities stated above, you’ll only hinder any long-term growth and overall health..… Read More

Top 5 Essential Tips For Colossal Calves

The Optimum Back Hacks

One thing you must’ve noticed is that strongmen tend to have large backs. Sadly, this muscle group is majorly neglected by the majority who go to the gym. Everyone focuses on the mirror muscles – chest, abs and biceps for example – and what results is a rounded upper back, like a Neanderthal. You might think it’s funny, but the chest muscles you’re trying to develop will, in the long run, be hindered from being visible due to this poor posture.… Read More

How To Get A Killer 6 Pack: The 9 Step Guide

Let me start by saying that this isn’t some clickbait article. This is genuinely the quickest way to get a 6 pack (second to plastic surgery, of course). The upside is, when you fully implement this formula, you’ll be on the fastest track possible to finally getting those abs hiding under the tire around your gut to pop out and say hello. The downside is…most people completely give up after just one month of training due to a lack of consistency and a lack of sticking to their newly installed rituals. The first thing you need to do is actually WANT to do this. There’s no magic pill formula, so if you came here for that overnight success BS then perhaps you need to go elsewhere… Read More

How To Get Bigger Arms

The most important thing you’ve got to remember when it comes to the question of “how do I get bigger arms?” is that your genetics play a massive role in determining what your arms are going to look like. A perfect example of great arms would be the one and only Arnold Schwarzenegger; his muscle bellies are full and he has excellent insertion points, so pretty much any form of arm training he does is going to result in… Read More

Dad Bod: The Cure

I’m sure you’ve noticed – look around your office – that a huge number of guys over 35 years of age have a big gut. It doesn’t really matter if they’re dedicated runners or do a lot of walking, it’s a growing trend and is fairly obvious to see. Look down, do you have the so-called “Dad Bod”? Nothing to be ashamed of – but it’s something we can fix. Most people believe it’s a natural result of ageing…NOT TRUE. … Read More

18 Weight Loss Tips That Actually Work

We’re sure you’ve noticed that the weight loss industry is full of myths, and that people are advised to do all sorts of stuff, which has no scientific evidence behind it. However, there are most certainly certain strategies for losing weight, which are evidence-based and we’d like to share them with you. As Male Transformation Experts and Personal Trainers in Dublin, we want to provide you with strategies that actually work! … Read More

How To Eat Healthily In The Office

Are you aged between the 35 and 55? Do you work in the services sector? In an office? At a desk? Do you feel like you once had a body and fitness level that you were proud of? Life happened, you got a good job and moved up the ranks, met your partner, settled down and had kids, got a promotion, worked more hours, became more stressed, another promotion, even more stress, more money, more problems. Next thing you know it’s ten years later and that body of your dreams that you once had simply whittled away right before your eyes, you didn’t even see it coming – we feel your pain! … Read More

The Best Breakfast For Weightloss

One of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to lose weight is mess up their breakfast. They do one of two things: they either eat absolutely nothing, or they eat the wrong foods. Tackling problem number one – just don’t do it. Simples. You’ll slow your metabolism, meaning you’ll burn less calories while at rest (bit of a hinderanceif weight loss is your long term goal!), and you’ll more than likely end up so hungry by lunch time that you’ll scoff every Danish pastry in sight.… Read More

What To Eat Before Bed For Weight Loss

Have you ever heard that you shouldn’t eat carbohydrates after 6pm if you’re trying to lose weight? Or just not eat after 6pm full stop? It’s a common method that people employ to get the number on the scales down, but in reality, it’s load of rubbish! As Personal Trainers in Dublin, we say this pretty much everyday to different people – no macronutrient (protein, carbohydrates, fats) is “bad”. Moderation and balance are key. … Read More