Ben Craughwell & Adam McDonald have been a part of Optimum Performance since 2015. We have produced some of the best results seen around the country with the combination of Ben’s bodybuilding expertise and Adam’s experience with getting into phenomenal shape while working a 9-5 office job.

99% of Dublin-based gyms are made up entirely of exercise machines all designed to look good and allow for a comfortable workout, but being comfortable is not how Brad Pitt got ready for Fight Club or how Hugh Jackman got ready to play Wolverine. If you ever go behind the scenes to see how the Hollywood elite personal trainers are training, it is almost a guarantee that there would not be a ‘pec deck’ or a sit down bike in sight!

The majority of men who come to us think that they can obtain a certain body with cardio alone – it’s just not possible if you want to look lean and ripped! Even getting rid of the beer belly will be much more obtainable if you start lifting heavy stuff!

At Optimum Performance, we’re here to show you the precise path we need to go down, together, in order to get you where you want to be. Simples.

We want men who WANT to look good. The men that we take on are successful city men who have achieved great success in their business lives and have all the toys to show for it, except the one that should really matter..the body! These guys know how to succeed in life, they have the dedication, and now they have Optimum Performance to give them the body to match.